Easy, hygienic, effective. Ekomille is an electronic device to catch all species of infesting rodents (rats and mice) effectively and consistently. The way it has been engineered ensures hygiene, safety and an eco-friendly approach.

This system is the result of years of studies and research and certified by years of experience. It works in a natural way, without using poison or harmful substances, but it is based on the ethology of the pest.
The rodent, attracted by natural bait, is caught instantly, as soon as it tries to eat. Extremely sensitive electro-mechanical devices allow instant, multiple and continual captures.

Human factors
The pest control operators can now take advantage of the technology applied in Ekomille and the Sistema Eko accessories, which makes for objectively clear results. As a result, pest control operators are now able to work to the best of their abilities, which improves efficiency and rate of success.

Food baits
Ekomille is a first-class product, guaranteed by substances placed in 16 compartments (10 troughs and 6 feed boxes). Thanks to these features, Ekomille allows operators to choose unique food bait strategies. There also is an unmatched wealth of settings for quantity (up to 500-600 gr of food), and quality (baits can be liquid, solid, powder, or any other kind: seeds, grit, sweet food, fruit, meat, cooking oil).

Structural baits
Rodents see this device as a safe an ideal den. This was proved by tests and cases of rodents choosing it as their hiding place when the machine was placed in industrial lots still inactive.

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