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We are a pest control company based in the US. For several years our company has focused on methods which are as eco-logically-friendly as possible, to control different types of pests, without the use of toxic pesticides.

I started to work with pest control companies as a young man. During the treatment I had to protect my skin by wearing thick overalls, gas masks, gloves and eye protection but I often still ended up getting skin rashes and a sore throat. While I would be able to finish the treatment, and go home to a chemically safe environment, my clients would have to live in an environment contaminated by pesticides, in most cases, residual ones.

I just knew that there must be effective pest control methods, that required no use of toxic products. To find out more I started to research breakthrough technologies that were being applied in other areas. For example, cryogenics that are used in medicine and surgery, microwaves to reach the parasites hiding in wood, and new poison-free rat control methods.

Through years of work and study, I now have proof that eco-friendly pest control methods are more effective than chemical treatments. One reason is that most pest eggs are resistant to any pesticides that may be used. In addition, by using non-toxic methods, I am able to leave my clients in a non-toxic, safe environment after I have worked for them. This has been achieved not only thanks to my efforts, but also through the talent and passion of several professionals and colleagues who, just like me, are yearning for a cleaner world.

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